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Wallets linked to your Bank Account

Securely trade, use and store bitcoin & ether with our Nuri Wallets linked directly to your bank account. 

Built-in 24/7 crypto trading

We make it easy to buy & sell Bitcoin and Ether with fast cash settlement - see your funds on your bank account or wallet within minutes.

The choice is yours.

We offer both non-custodial, where you hold and own the private keys, and custodial wallets, where your cryptos are stored for you, to bring you the ultimate flexibility between both technologies.

Introducing Vaults.

Our Crypto Vaults are non custodial which means you own the private keys to control your funds and transactions, not us or anybody else.

Wallet Features.

Trade & invest

Buy and sell crypto directly from your bank account.


Easily send crypto to anyone in the world.


Easily receive crypto from anyone or request a specific amount.


Currently, we offer wallets for Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH). 

Our Vaults are what’s called a ‘non-custodial’ wallet. This means only the holder of the wallet’s private keys has access to the wallet, even without the Nuri platform. It is very important to have a backup of your private keys and to keep them stored safely offline.

The Bitcoin (BTC) VAult is available on both web and mobile devices and is a multi-signature non-custodial wallet. A multi-signature protocol, available for Bitcoin acts as a built-in additional security factor. The wallet is backed up with two seed phrases, which let you recover and access your bitcoin in case you lose access to your Nuri account. Under no circumstances, Nuri or anyone else can access or control your funds or transactions.

The Ethereum (ETH) Vault currently is only available on mobile and is backed up with one seed phrase, which lets you access your coins, even if you lose access to your Nuri account. When you set up your Ethereum wallet, a cryptographic key is generated and locked away in your smartphone security module. It can only be accessed by the Nuri mobile app, and only upon using biometric authentication. Every transaction requires a confirmation from your device key, meaning no one else can access your funds – not even the Nuri team.

If you lose your device you will lose access to your Ethereum Vault via the Nuri app, however, you still have access to your coins as long as you have the wallet backup. To recover access, you can create a replacement wallet in the Nuri app on your new device and move your Ether across to it.

We do not recommend you send and store ERC-20 tokens in your Nuri Ethereum Vault. While you can receive any ERC-20 tokens in your Ethereum wallet, you will not be able to view or manage them in the Nuri interface.

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Notices regarding Banking and Cryptocurrency Services


Notice pursuant to § 2 Section 10 of the German Banking Act

Nuri GmbH, offers the brokerage of transactions in crypto currencies (being financial instruments pursuant to § 1 para. 1a sentence 2 no. 1 of the German Banking Act (Kreditwesengesetz – KWG)) and in this respect acts exclusively in the name and for the account of the Solarisbank AG. Nuri GmbH is recorded as tied agent of Solarisbank AG within the meaning of § 2 Section 10 of the German Banking Act in the register which is kept by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority. The register can be accessed under Insofar as investments in other financial instruments are made possible via Nuri GmbH, this is not done in the name or for the account of Solarisbank AG.


Warning of risks related to Cryptocurrencies

Trading cryptocurrencies carries high risk and can lead to the total loss of the invested capital. We strongly recommend not to invest more than you can afford to completely lose. Before you start trading cryptocurrencies, please make sure that you fully understand the risks associated. Should you need help we recommend to contact an independent competent person or organisation. Any personal successful investments when trading cryptocurrencies in the past in no case indicate your success in the future. The cryptocurrencies traded on are not suitable for all investors. For further information to the product offering, visit our Support Centre.


Notice regarding Nuri Pots

Nuri GmbH provides its services with respect to the purchase and sale of Nuri Pots exclusively for Bankhaus von der Heydt GmbH & Co. KG (BvdH). BvdH is acting as financial commissioner and crypto custodian for the Nuri Pots. The purchase, sale and custody of Nuri Pots is subject to contracts between the user and BvdH. BvdH decides independently on the acceptance of orders and may reject any offers at its own discretion without giving reasons.

Warning of risks related to Nuri Pots

Trading Nuri Pots is associated with risks. Before investing, you are asked to conduct an appropriateness test to assess whether you have the necessary knowledge and experience to adequately evaluate the risks associated with Nuri Pots. Before you start trading Nuri Pots, please make sure that you read and understand the product and risk information provided by BvdH and the issuer.