Our goal is to help people take control of their finances and grow their wealth. That’s why we’ve added new wallets, to give you the option to store your cryptocurrency how you want. 

What’s a wallet?

Because cryptocurrencies are digital, they are stored in a secure electronic location. These are called wallets. Everyone who owns cryptocurrency needs a wallet to store them

You access and use your Bitcoin wallet with keys. Each wallet is a combination of a public key and a private key. These are unique codes for your wallet.

A private key is the cryptocurrency equivalent of a password or PIN number. It gives you the power to use the cryptocurrency in the wallet for transactions and transfers. It is very important to protect your private key. A public key is similar to a bank account number. You can share this with other people to receive cryptocurrency. 

What are the options and how does it affect me?

Cryptocurrency and blockchain are remarkable because they allow you to independently manage your finances on your own for the first time. In theory, you could just write your private key on a piece of paper and never use a bank again. But this freedom comes with significant risk. We understand that not everyone is ready for total responsibility over their financial security. That’s why we provide wallets with different degrees of independence

Beginner level: Nuri Wallets (Custodial)

For first-time investors and people who want to offload the burden of account security, we offer custody wallets. With a custody wallet, you share access to your keys with Nuri. This works just like a traditional bank account, in that we take on the security of your wallet and make it easier for you to manage your funds. 

A custody wallet helps you integrate into the world of cryptocurrency at your own pace. Choosing a custody wallet eliminates the risk of losing private keys, is easier to set up and comes with the added benefits of free trades and transactions. 

Benefits of Nuri Wallet:

  • Easier to create and use a wallet, especially for those new to crypto.
  • Free and instant transactions & trades as no on-chain transaction is required.
  • Users cannot lose their own private keys.

Nuri’s Vaults (Non-custodial)

But we also want to help customers achieve financial independence. That’s why we are adding the option of non-custodial wallets for everyone who invests with Nuri. We help you set up the wallet, but after that you’re in charge. Non-custodial wallets put you in absolute control of your finances. With these wallets, you take full ownership of your keys. Your cryptocurrency can’t be confiscated or frozen and you won’t lose your funds even if Nuri is compromised. 

We don’t believe customers need to make binary choices about how they store their crypto. We understand there are diverse beliefs about cryptocurrency and how it is stored. Every new investor has the freedom to choose non-custody, custody or both. Whether you want to start safe and let us protect your funds or dive straight in at the deep end, the choice is yours. 

Nuri is committed to educating investors of all levels and giving you the freedom to grow your wealth on your terms.