Sometimes there are too many investment options to choose from. Some are too complicated, others are so similar that choosing seems pointless. The All-Rounder is designed to give investors a simple way to benefit from a balanced portfolio. 

The All-Rounder is an option for investors who want to buy an ETF-based investment product without the need to research and manage each individual component themselves. 

Say goodbye to analysis paralysis

The All-Rounder is a way to avoid making difficult decisions about which exchange traded fund (ETF) to invest in. The All-Rounder tracks the performance of no less than eight ETFs and can give investors the diversity of a whole group of funds with just one tap. 

The All-Rounder is also an option for investors that don’t want to spend a lot of time managing their investments or watching every move the market makes. Nuri Pots are managed by our partners, Bankhaus Scheich and Tradias, based on thematic investment expertise. 

The strong foundation for any investor

A fund of funds can combine the power of the world’s most suitable ETFs to a given investment goal or theme. That’s why the All-Rounder Pot tracks the performance of ETFs like the MSCI All Country World Index to give access to one of the broadest positions on the market, with around 3,000 stocks from around 50 countries. 

The All-Rounder also tracks the S&P 500 and the STOXX Europe 600 indices that follow some of the largest companies from Europe and the United States, as well as the MSCI Emerging Markets Index for large and mid-cap companies in developing economies. On top of all that, the All-Rounder also puts aside an amount into gold exposure to help stabilise your portfolio. 

The All-Rounder can help investors to build a strong foundation and create a balanced portfolio that tracks ETFs with a proven track record. 


A confident first step into ETF-based investing

Investing is a personal process and investors should be free to invest in what aligns with their interests and goals. But specialising too early on can mean missing out on the benefits of a balanced portfolio. That’s why building a broad base across emerging and developed markets can be more suitable for investors looking to grow their investments long term.  

With the All-Rounder, investors can make a bold statement about their future by investing in a product that uses the effectiveness of ETFs, as well as the diversification of a fund of funds. With the All-Rounder investors have a simple way to invest in a product that tracks both the most established companies in the world, as well as in the next generation of businesses in emerging markets.