If you want to get anywhere in the world of trading and investing, you’re going to need the right tools. Luckily, you’re in the right place. Nuri’s mission is to give people a curated selection of investing tools that give people control over their finances, which is why our price alerts are the perfect partner for your investing strategy.

Automatic price alerts

When you first get started in investing, it’s natural to be protective of your assets. The problem is that many beginner investors fall into the habit of checking the prices every few minutes and creating a whole load of unnecessary stress. Here, it’s important to remember two facts: investing is a long term activity and you can never predict what the markets will do.

Whether you like it or not, the markets will go up and down. The first step to sensible investing is recognising you can’t change this fact. Even though everyone gets caught out at some point, it’s not actually a cause for concern. Investing is an activity that takes place over a long period of time. This means it’s not actually a bad thing if the prices dip. Many investors are prepared to hold their assets through multiple price cycles and learn to only check information that is relevant to their strategy.

Make sure you’ve got the information that counts. With Nuri, you’ll get automatic price alerts when prices either rise or fall ca. plus/minus 5%. This way, you don’t need to keep checking when you could be out enjoying life. You still have instant access to the most important information about your investments without checking every little little movement the market makes.


Personalised price alerts

We know investing is deeply personal and that everyone does it differently. Working out what to do based on price percentage changes can be confusing, so we give you the option to set up your own personalised price alerts for maximum control over your investments.

One of the most common ways to manage information about your assets is to set up a personalised alert for when they reach a fixed price. This way, you can follow your strategy to the letter without working out percentages or watching the markets.

When it comes to setting up your own price alerts, you’re in control. You choose the assets, prices and can change them whenever you like. Setting up your alerts for Bitcoin and Ether is super simple:

  1. Head over to the Wealth section in the Nuri app.
  2. Tap the little bell in the top right corner
  3. Tap “Set Up Alerts” and choose between Bitcoin and Ether
  4. Set the price 

It’s that easy to stay on top of the information that matters. Don’t make the mistake of tracking each and every change to the markets and your assets. If you’re making the most of price alerts as part of your strategy, when prices rise or fall, you’ll have all the information you need to do what’s best for your investments.