It’s been a whole year since we launched our most ambitious feature yet: Nuri’s Bitcoin Interest Account. 

While cryptocurrencies had a record-bending journey this year, more people than ever were signing up to earn interest from their bitcoin

Interest rates have come a long way since the days of the high street bankers. While your friends are still complaining about their 0.02%, why not introduce them to interest rates that bring returns they’ll be proud of. 

Here’s our top achievements from our Bitcoin Interest Account, a whole 365 summed up.

 A year of progress. Our top stats from the year:

  • On average, we paid out 40,000 Euros per week to our Bitcoin Interest Account holders.
  • The average interest rate over the year was 4%. Not bad at all.
  • Over 40 million worth of bitcoin is held in our interest accounts.
  • Over 40 Bitcoin has been earned in interest accounts so far. 

blog-header-bia-promo-1-en-nuri (3).png blog-header-bia-promo-2-en-nuri (1).png blog-header-bia-promo-3-en-nuri (1).png

That’s a lot of fours. If you haven’t already heard, we’re doing our own little celebration. Keep an eye on Twitter for more information.