When it comes to ancient wisdom, sometimes old is gold. But sometimes old just means old. We’re living in a time where everything we know about money is being reimagined for the modern world, so here’s our take on some of that “timeless” knowledge.

“Keep your savings in the bank”

Some classic boomer advice is to put your money into a savings account. That was a nice idea 50 years ago when you could just walk out of the door and banks would fight to give you up to 3% on your savings. But those days are over and the chances are your savings in the bank will now lose value. 

Traditional savings accounts won’t grow your money enough for you to retire in today’s world. If you saved 200 euros every month for 30 years, you’d have 72,000 euros for retirement. Even if you lived on a modest 20,000 per year, you’d run out of money in less than four years. 


If you invested your money instead, ETFs like the S&P 500 and FTSE All World earn around 7% interest per year. If you invested the same amount for the same period of time, you’d end up with almost 350,000 euros. You could live off the same amount for nearly 18 years. But the chances are that your investing will grow with your earning potential, meaning you can live off more for longer. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also be maximising your earning potential by looking for high interest savings accounts as well. With Nuri’s bitcoin interest account you can earn up to 3% interest on your savings per year.  

“A career will set you up for life”

The world of work has changed and the idea that a few years of training at the start of your career is enough to keep you employable for over three decades is simply outdated. 

Focus on skills rather than a particular job. Think about what you are good at and then see how those skills could add value to a work environment. If your company has a self-development or education budget, make sure you are using it to complement your existing skills or to learn new ones. 

If you have ideas or a side hustle that is doing well, don’t be afraid of trying to freelance or start your own business. Gen Z already realize that employed life is probably never going to be the same again, that’s why 53% plan to run their own business instead of working for someone else. 

 “Your bank has everything you need”

For years, high street banks got away with offering rubbish services because they knew they were the only option. People weren’t taught about finance in schools, so no one knew that they could do more with their money. Now, you can learn everything you need to about finance for free online and cryptocurrencies are making that easier than ever. 

Cryptocurrencies are one of the most popular and effective ways for people to grow their money because they are quick, easy to buy and have great historic returns. The best thing about cryptocurrency is that people are constantly finding new ways for them to create wealth. In fact, cryptocurrency can already provide pretty much everything that you’d need from a mainstream bank for lower costs and greater rewards.

You can buy, sell and store your cryptocurrency in secure accounts, earn interest that you’ll never find on the high street and use automated plans to hit your savings goals without having to think about it. Now that inflation rates are skyrocketing, many people are learning that they can protect the value of their savings with cryptocurrency.

Crypto lending gives people access to funds without the demeaning background and credit checks that happen at mainstream banks. Through NFTs, cryptocurrency is even making the art world accessible to a whole new generation of artists and investors. 

Trying to get ahead today using yesterday’s advice simply doesn’t work. It’s no wonder people feel frustrated when the mainstream financial system still runs on outdated principles that don’t fit into the modern world. The good news is that people don’t have to accept boomer business any more now that there are new ways for anyone to build wealth. 

Investing is one of the best ways to both make sure your wealth grows with you and look after your future self. Focusing on keeping your skills sharp helps you to stay competitive no matter the industry and using cryptocurrency means your money is flexible enough to support you no matter where life takes you. We know that people want more from money. Make sure your bank does too.