We know that investing and managing money is complicated. It's difficult to access everything you need, all in one place. We think it’s time for this to change. We believe absolutely everyone should have the ability to build their financial future and grow their wealth. That’s why we’re introducing Nuri, the new reality of banking

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As Bitwala, we created the world’s first cryptocurrency bank account. As Nuri, we’ve evolved. We’re making investing possible for everyone by giving you all the tools you need to grow your money. Nuri is the gateway to Bitcoin and beyond.  

So, where does the name come from? We are entering a New Reality - in fact, that’s part of the story behind the new name – Nu Ri. With Nuri, you can already get high interest rates and 24/7 access to cryptocurrencies.

But we're not stopping there – We think technology can completely reimagine every aspect of finance. It’s not just a new style of banking, it’s a whole new reality.

Well, it’s time to replace the old with the Nuri.


Buying cryptocurrencies used to be confusing. But with Nuri, you can become a first-time investor in just a few swipes. Investing in bitcoin is now as normal as having an app on your phone. 

We give you a banking experience that finally allows you to realise your potential. With Nuri, you can earn up to 3% interest on your Bitcoin per year and put your money to work.

We might have a fresh look, but we’re packing in all the same features as before, with more on the way. We want to nourish everyone’s ability to invest in their future.


What’s changed: 

  • We’ve completely reimagined our mobile and web app to make it easier than ever to invest in cryptocurrencies. Our ground-up redesign makes managing every aspect of your money more accessible. 

  • A new home section with a full overview of your finances. You can find everything you need here in seconds.

  • Our banking section streamlines your daily finances and gives you direct access to investments

  • We’ve created a whole new wealth section, with a portfolio to manage and track all your investments in one place.

  • We’ve simplified how investing in cryptocurrencies is done: buying, sending and requesting cryptocurrencies can be done in just a few taps.

  • We’ve also got a brand new card. We think you’ll love it. Existing customers can still use their Bitwala Visa or Mastercard, but soon will be able to order a new one for free in the app.

Take charge of your future – the possibilities are endless.


Team Nuri

Your future awaits. 🌱