We believe in diversified investments to grow your wealth. That’s why we’ve been collaborating with a range of partners for your portfolio.

But what does this mean in Nuri’s current situation – and how are your funds still safe?

Let’s take a deeper look to find out.

Nuri Vaults

Your keys, your coins: The Vaults are true self-custody wallets. You’re the only one who can access your Vaults and the cryptocurrencies stored in them. Neither Nuri, nor any of our partners has access.

With you being the sole keyholder, Vaults give you the highest level of independence. A great choice for crypto pros and beginners.

Nuri Wallets

Zero network fees and the most comfortable access from your Nuri app: These custodial wallets are operated by Solaris Digital Assets GmbH. As a crypto custodian acting under KWG licence, they keep your digital assets and Wallet keys safe for you.

Nuri Pots

Representing the performance of stocks of successful companies worldwide, Nuri Pots are diversified by nature. They’re powered by Bankhaus von der Heydt – one of Europe’s oldest banks, holding your tokens for you.

Nuri Bank Account

Your bank account and debit card with Nuri are powered by Solaris. We’ve partnered with them to offer you a fully licensed German bank account for your Euros. Plus, your Euro funds are protected up to €100,000 by the German deposit guarantee scheme. A pretty neat feature.

Invest your way

Our vision is simple: We want to enable you to find your way to grow your wealth.

Nuri is acting as a broker under the licensing umbrella of regulated institutions. We empower you to invest with our partners – all seamlessly in one app.

With each new business relationship you enter through Nuri, each respective partner also holds your funds for you. These partners remain unaffected by Nuri’s current situations, and so do your funds.

Investing with Nuri lets you diversify your portfolio with different assets, but also different partners.

We invite you to a potluck dinner of investments: You can pick and choose from an array of options – and always find the one that you like best.