Banking and investing used to be worlds apart. One was a barebones service to help people manage their money. The other was a closed club for people to get even richer. But things have changed and investment is now a basic demand that people expect from their banking experience on a daily basis.  

Investing has changed 

Before the internet, the investment world was a bit of a boys’ club. It used to be expensive, exclusive and, for most people, out of reach. But the internet has been the ultimate equalizer. 

Anyone can now learn everything they need to about investing online and get started straight away. You don’t have to jump in at the deep end and chuck your life savings into your first purchase because there are plans for every budget. 

For some people, the idea of becoming an investor is a bit of a leap. The old stereotypes can be hard to square with how you see yourself. The easiest way to break this kind of mental block is by gaining personal experience with the activity.

 In short: You just have to get started. Once you have made your first investment, you are technically an investor. You’re officially as legitimate as any suit on Wall Street. But the true trick to growing into your new lifestyle as an investor is to make it a part of your regular financial routine. Once this happens, it will soon become part of your identity and seem as normal as heading to the cash point or setting up a direct debit. 

New reality banking is part of daily life with Nuri

People are starting to take their financial health more seriously. This usually starts with a couple of big observations. The first is that the services of old fashioned banks don’t match up with their financial goals and expectations. The second is that it’s easier than ever to take control of your finances and manage your money on your own terms. 

If you want to give your banking experience a growth spurt, the good news is that the options are already there. New reality banking with Nuri not only gives you the option to get your hands on a full, German bank account but also to grow your money with investing from the get go.

 We believe everyone has the power to grow their money once they have the tools they need to invest effortlessly. With Nuri, investing isn’t a complicated process, you can decide when and how much to invest and all it takes is a few taps per month. Making investing a regular habit is more sustainable than one huge yearly task. Investing regularly with your bank gives you more control over your money, total awareness of the state of your finances and flexibility if your circumstances change. 

Getting into a healthy financial routine can seem daunting at first, but the small amount of time it takes to set up is well worth the peace of mind and stress-free life that it brings.