New to Nuri: We're bringing you our brand new savings plans. We believe everyone should be able to easily grow their money and now we're the first bank account in Germany to offer regular crypto investing on your schedule.

One of the first steps of investing is making it a habit. Before you know it, thinking about your investments will become as normal as brushing your teeth. We’re making it simpler than ever to get into the habit of regularly investing in cryptocurrencies with our monthly Savings Plan. 

Buy bitcoin on your schedule 

Nuri customers can now build their wealth with our Savings Plan by regularly investing in bitcoin and ether on a monthly basis. 


Safely invest in cryptocurrency, no matter the market

Have you ever worried that you’re too late to invest in Bitcoin or asked yourself when the right time to buy might be? If this sounds familiar, then our plan is the perfect way to stop hesitating and start investing. You don’t need any fancy financial know-how and it only takes a few minutes to set up. 

Using cost-averaging, our savings plan will take you from worrying about when, where and how to invest, to taking care of your financial future automatically per month. With our savings plan, you don’t need to worry about trying to time the market. 

Because you’re buying the same amount regularly, you average out price changes and get the best result over time. It’s that simple.

Focus on life

With our savings plan, anyone can build a stable financial future and focus on life, without the stress of constantly checking changes in the market. Our plan focuses on steady investments over time to minimise both volatility and the time you have to spend on managing your finances.

Customise your investment routine to your financial goals:

  • Create a monthly savings plan for bitcoin and/or ether in the Nuri app
  • Select the day and amount to fit your goals
  • You’re the boss: easily change your plan at any time
  • Start from as little as €30 with a 1% trading fee 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Work out how much you can plan to invest each month by checking your budget and your investment goals 
  2. Select the savings plan in the app by going to the ‘Wealth’ section in the app and selecting your crypto wallet.
  3. Set a date to automatically repeat the investment every month for a fixed amount, no matter the asset price

Tip: make sure your account is topped up, it’s easy to create a standing order with Nuri.

That’s all it takes! 

With our new Savings Plan, it’s never been easier to make investing another one of your good habits.