It can be easy to spend weeks researching an investment only to feel like you made the wrong choice. We don’t think anyone should have that experience. That’s why we’re introducing Nuri Pots, where it’s easy to make simple decisions for your money.

How Nuri Pots work

Nuri Pots track the performance of ETFs, or exchange traded funds. ETFs are an easy way to invest money with limited effort. 

Unlike other investments that focus on one asset, ETFs are bundles of stocks or bonds from different markets, regions or industries. You get a diverse portfolio because your money is spread over multiple stocks, bonds or other assets, offering a more balanced investment than picking individual stocks. 

Nuri Pots usually track the performance of around eight ETFs, diversifying your capital as widely as possible to minimise the need to manage lots of separate investments. It’s a win-win!


The best thing about Nuri Pots is that you can get the benefits of top-tier investing without hard work or special financial know-how. All pots are curated, centred around a given theme and based on thematic investment expertise. The experts have done the research, so you don’t have to.  

Nuri Pots, will be rolled out for all users within the next weeks. 

The Perks

  • All-in-one - No need to open a separate securities account, Nuri is the place to spend, save and invest - all within the app.
  • Simple to get started - It’s easy to get going. Simply select the amount you want to invest. Start from as little as €5. The All-Rounder is now available in the Nuri app. 
  • Transparent Fees - We only charge an AuM fee of maximum 1%*.
  • Clear on tax - Fully automated German capital gains tax deductions. That's why Nuri Pots is only available for German tax ID owners.

Meet the first Nuri Pot: The All-Rounder

The All-Rounder is a pot designed for investors who want a simple way to invest in a broad range of companies from around the world: developed markets, emerging markets, as well as gold. This helps to build a balanced portfolio without the need to put in hours of research. 

We believe that ETF-based investment products can boost your net worth over time. That's why we're kicking off Nuri Pots with the All-Rounder for both beginners and experienced investors. If you’re as excited about the first Nuri Pot as we are, then we think you're going to love our next investment opportunity. It’s just around the corner, but If you just can’t wait, here’s a sneak peek. 

Nuri Pots are made available to Nuri clients by Bankhaus von der Heydt, a German bank established since 1754.

The product is provided, executed and settled by tradias, the state-of-the-art platform for digital assets and Bankhaus Scheich, regulated specialist in OTC crypto trading and market making.

*As with any investment product, there is a small price difference between what you can buy and sell your investment for. We aim to keep this difference under 0,5% during market hours.