Eating out with friends is all fun and games until the bill hits the table. Only then can you stare into the eyes of your friends and truly know who they are. Will they flinch at the size of the bill or step up and pay their share?

With Nuri, splitting the bill doesn’t have to be complicated. No matter how you and your friends roll, it’s easy to make sure everyone leaves the table happy. 

Separate bills for separate people

In Germany, it’s totally normal for people to simply pay for what they ordered. In fact, most waiters will ask diners if they want individual bills. This is all very democratic until someone suddenly has a case of amnesia about those two extra beers they ordered or that extra side that added another €10 to the bill. 

But don’t worry, even if you don’t want to make a scene in the restaurant, you can make those sneaky friends pay their share. Serve up some passive aggressive justice by dropping your bank details via WhatsApp, SMS, email or any other messenger provider. For the most sass, we recommend a group chat and @’ing them. Name and shame! 

Here’s how to throw shade and get paid in just a few taps: 

  1. Open the Nuri app and and head to the bank section
  2. Tap the IBAN button
  3. Share your details through the message provider of your choice. 

The power payment

Nothing says power and prestige like paying the whole bill. To be honest, this is a boss move that shows who’s wearing the pants at the table. If this is your style, the chances are you haven’t got time for counting change or dealing with bill-based politics. Your Nuri card is out in a flash, drawing jealous glares and hushed admiration from fellow diners, accompanied by a firm assertion that this one’s on you. 

There are, of course, exceptions to the rule. Maybe you forgot your wallet. Maybe you ran out of time and someone else paid so you can be on your way. These things happen, but no one likes to owe someone else money. Luckily, there’s an easy way to sort this out: 

  1. Open the bank section in the Nuri app. 
  2. Tap the “Send & Invest” button.
  3. Choose “Bank Transfer” and set up a one-time SEPA transfer. 

Splitting the bill 50/50 

Sometimes when your stars are aligned and the gods are looking down upon you kindly, there will be a time where you can just split the bill 50/50. Noone had an expensive cocktail, no one made any kind of cowboy orders. You simply divide the bill in half and go your separate way as equals. Moments like this are rarer and rarer on our planet these days. Cherish them and the friends you make them with. 

If ever you need to pay a bit more or the split is unequal, it’s no sweat. Life’s too short for turning dinner into a church collection. Forget about scraping coins together and simply head to the app, share your bank details and let them do the rest.