Most of the time, we stay in bad relationships for too long. Well, today’s the day that stops forever. It’s time to break up with your bank.

It’s not you, it’s them

Your bank is gaslighting you, you just don’t know it yet. Ever noticed how If you aren’t happy with what they have to offer, you’re the weird one? The thing is, it’s not even surprising when you think about it. Most banks haven’t changed for about 300 years.

As far as they’re concerned, you should just take whatever they have to offer and be grateful for it. The problem is that what they’ve got just isn’t good enough. The most your bank can give you is a pale imitation of what is already drawing your attention elsewhere.

Deep down, your bank knows they’re too old to change. Here’s our tip: If you want a life changing experience, don’t date a dinosaur.

Making promises they can’t deliver

Toxic relationships have a familiar pattern. You say you’re fed up and want out. They realise what they have to lose and start promising the world to keep you. For a short while, it feels like things have gotten better, but old resentments start resurfacing in no time.

It’s no different with your bank: they lured you in false promises. They said that high interest savings account would help you put down a deposit for that first property you’ve been dreaming of. Well, with the average rate at less than 0.1%, that interest isn’t looking so high now, is it?


Nuri: a bank that loves you for you

If your relationship with your bank has gone stale, we’ve got four little letters to freshen up your finances: Nuri. Here’s a couple of reasons to swipe right.

We’ll never play hard to get and we aren’t afraid of commitment. If you want to start something special, all it takes is two minutes to sign up and we give you a full German bank account with your funds protected up to €100,000 from day one. Oh, and when Nuri says high interest, we mean it. How does up to 3% on your savings per year sound?

On top of all that, Nuri is a real looker. We know it’s not essential, but whoever said no to a bit of beauty? If you don’t believe us, just check out our card. You’ll be proud to show us off in public.

If your bank is holding you back, it’s time to shed the dead weight. Besides, Nuri has got what you want and what you need. We love saving, we love investing and we love spending on our favourite things. We’ve got so much in common. Click here to slide into our DMs.