We know it’s a hard decision, so that’s why we’ve made this personality quiz to help you choose your crypto identity. Are you team Bitcoin or team Ether? There’s only one way to find out. 

Which are your investment goals?

A) You’re fed up the old options and want an easy way to invest. You think long term, have a no-nonsense plan and you’ll stick to it. 

B) You want the best of both: an investment that you can leave to increase in value over time as well as actively put it to work. Your goals are dynamic and you’re on the hunt for big yields and high interest. 

What is your ideal lifestyle? 

A) You’re interested in building up your wealth and then enjoying the good life while you still can. You want to invest on your own schedule and get the benefits stress free. 

B) You are ready to dive down the rabbit hole and learn about the latest developments, opportunities and technology. It’s not only about the material wealth for you, but also the community and opportunities to learn about the world of cryptocurrency and investing. 


What is the role of crypto for you?

A) You think that crypto is going to become even more important in the future and you want to make sure you don’t miss out. You want an investment like a blue-chip company and industry leading performance. 

B) You think that cryptocurrency is vital for future-proofing your money and you’re excited about experimenting at your own pace. You’re more interested in a diverse cryptocurrency portfolio and are open to up-and-coming projects. 


Are you an individual or community driven?

A) You are a self-starter and aren’t afraid to follow your own path in life. You’re happy to work with other individuals that share your goals. You want an asset that stands out from the crowd and doesn’t need any support to grow. 

B) You’re a people person and thrive in a community. You want an asset that is easy to integrate and collaborate with other crypto projects. You believe cooperation and experimentation is key for growth.


Mostly A: You’re Bitcoin. You’re interested in simple and secure ways to get more for your money and you want an asset with the highest valuation and market cap to help you do it. If you want an inflation killing, bank-busting store of value then Bitcoin can be your secret weapon.

Mostly B: You’re Ether. You’re looking for a versatile investment that you can leave to its own devices or use its full potential as you learn more about cryptocurrency. You can see yourself exploring new ways to earn passive income and design your own projects. You’re interested in staying at the forefront of all the crypto projects that use Ether’s blockchain. You’re potentially interested in a wide range of tokens and Ether is your first step.