How to spot app-testing scams on the internet?

Picture this: You spot an ad online where you can register as an app tester and provide your feedback on our app receiving a decent payment in return for a relatively quick and easy job. All you need to do is go through the verification procedure, verify the account and then try out the app. 

The person(s) advertising these jobs will often be overly friendly and eager to help you through the process. They’ll have everything prepared for you, providing you with an email address and password to set up the account with so you don’t need to use your personal email. 

You’ll be told how to answer all the questions asked during the verification procedure. Then once your account has been verified, you’ll notice you’re no longer able to log in. The password has been changed and you cannot regain access. The scammer will now have full control over the account to send and receive payments, using your account to launder money under your name.

Please note that we will never reach out to you asking you to test our app, nor do we outsource this to third party providers to do this on our behalf.

How to mitigate the risk:

Look out for mistakes within the text of the advertisement. We’re all prone to the odd mistake here and there but any reputable company will ensure that their job advertisement is well presented, concise and free from any spelling or grammatical errors. 

Always conduct a search for the company online to see whether anybody else has left reviews regarding the legitimacy of the company. You can use the following words to help narrow down your search - review, scam, safe, legit, fake, fraudulent

Always double-check the company's website. Such things you should look out for are poor grammar and spelling, the address bar - does it include https://, has genuine contact information being provided, is there a privacy policy. 

Never provide confidential information such as identification documents, tax information etc.

Check whether the email address they’re contacting you from ends in their company domain. Legitimate companies will normally have an email address using this as opposed to a regular email address ending in or etc. 

Please be mindful that a legitimate company would never reach out to you via WhatsApp or other social media.


Some further things to note…

Always be mindful that it is easy for people to create a profile with a fake picture to lead you to believe you’re interacting with a legitimate person via phone or email.

Please do not open an account under the recommendation of a third-party. An account should only be opened at your discretion. 

Please do not open an account using an email address or mobile number that does not belong to you.

Most importantly, please do not open an account with the purpose of app-testing.

We hope that this information is helpful to you. However, if you are worried and think you may have already been a victim of a fake job advertisement please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at and we will be happy to support you.

You will be connected to an experienced agent who will be able to address your concerns and provide you with the support and advice that you need. Your account safety is our top priority and we’re here to help.